INTERMAT 2018: Light and shadows under the Paris sky.

Like a photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson, this 2018 edition of Intermat, the Paris industrial and construction machinery fair, was dominated by sharp contrasts: although it was celebrated in the "official communiques" as yet another success, this opinion is challenged by the figures ....

Barcelona, like a jewel in the sun

Mud, pouring rain, flashes of sunlight illuminating dirt and asphalt still bearing the marks of red hot tires, in the background, the headlights of a Zeus 40.7 cutting through the rain while maneuvering steadily around obstacles….

ICARUS returns to CRETE

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands and the cradle of Minoan civilisation, is strategically placed midway between Europe, Asia, and Africa. As a result, it has often been invaded over the centuries: first by the ancient Greeks, and then by Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Venetians, and Ottomans. It became a part of Greece in 1913, and was a battleground during the second world war.


The series of floods that struck central Europe in 2002 and 2013 were the worst of the century. They had serious effects in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany, where Dresden was repeatedly inundated. Looking back at pictures from the German floods, it’s hard not to notice the many people in distinctive blue and yellow uniforms providing help and restoring essential services.


On 31October last year, the people of Germany got a little gift from their national electricity grid: they were paid to consume energy. And it wasn’t the first time, either.

DIECI takes on MotoGP

At the racetracks of Jerez de la Frontera in Spain on 7 May and Le Mans in France on 21 May, followed by Mugello, Barcelona, Assen and throughout the remainder of the 2017 MotoGP season, a Samson 75.10, one of the flagship machines in DIECI’s industrial telescopic handler range, will be fulfilling a valuable support role.