An AGRI PLUS in the Land of a Thousand Lakes

Only two hours’ drive from the modern city of Gdansk lies the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in northeastern Poland, one of the 16 historical regions into which the country is divided. The province is also evocatively known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” or the “Green Lungs of Poland”, due to the more than 2000 bodies of water (connected by navigable canals) and ancient, luxuriant forests that cover the area. It is a border territory deeply marked by history, a place of contradictions and juxtapositions between East and West, and between old and new ways of thinking. But it is also a land that has always embraced the future, a place with a natural instinct for renewal and innovation that is apparent even in the region’s agriculture, one of the cornerstones of the Polish economy. It was in this context that Agrocentrum was founded in 1992. The company has since grown to become Poland’s largest supplier of milk and feed for livestock, producing 40,000 tonnes of premix every month, in addition to 12 million litres of milk a year. Every day dozens of trucks pass through the factory gates to supply raw materials and make deliveries throughout Poland. To help maintain the efficiency of this supply chain, Agrocentrum has purchased two Agri Plus 40.7 VS vehicles, which are put to the test for 20 hours day in, day out, handling hundreds of tonnes of top-quality cereals. The operators have said they are very satisfied with the vehicles and particularly with the comfort they provide: Poland is a north European country with harsh winters, so the air conditioning system is particularly appreciated.

The cab’s other features are also very popular (given the long shifts operators spend on board), including the joystick integrated into the armrest, soundproofing, tilt- and height-adjustable steering wheel, electric windows, storage compartments, stereo system, ergonomic seat, sun screens and sunroof (for the short but sweltering Polish summers!), high-visibility raised driver’s seat, high-efficiency wipers, and two independent rear view mirrors. Operators have also been impressed by how easy the Agri Plus is to use, especially when working on silage in Creeper mode, and by the speed and precision of the boom movement, even under high load and with the engine running at low speed. And given that the site is being expanded, it is highly likely that the company’s two existing vehicles will soon be joined by others from the new Agricultural Range.