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PIVOT T70 is a wheel loader with articulated chassis and telescopic boom.
One of the greatest model of the series, it is an extremely powerful and compact vehicle, assembled with high quality components.
It is ideal for working in restricted areas or when it is necessary to use a top performance vehicle with reasonable running costs. The engine (rear) is installed longitudinally for improved access during maintenance, with excellent lateral and rear visibility.
All vital parts, such as the drive shaft and the extension cylinder, are in a protected position, pins and bushings are protected by "Long Life” seal gaskets. All components are of high quality and reliability, as the power-assisted braking system and the “Inching” pedal, indispensable for full control of forward speed, even with the engine at maximum revs.
The safety and lifting equipment provided include a load limiting device and the new DCS (Descent Control System), which guarantees maximum boom lowering speed, even with the engine running on minimum.
The cab is one of the lowest above ground level in its category and is ROPS – FOPS approved.
It is fully equipped with safety devices and designed to guarantee maximum comfort, with openable roof, TFT colour display and capacitive joystick with deadman sensor.
It can also be provided with an enhanced climate control system, for perfect air circulation inside the cab.