Genoa, rebirth of a city

Work recently began on the demolition of buildings under the eastern section of Morandi Bridge in Genoa, a difficult but necessary first step in the delicate process of rebuilding this vital infrastructure. The bridge collapsed due to a structural failure on 14 August 2018, depriving the north-western Italian seaport of a major transportation artery and one of its most symbolic landmarks.

The buildings, which cannot be saved as they are situated directly under the unstable section of the bridge, are being demolished by a mechanical excavator, starting from the upper floors, using a hydraulic grabber that is dismantling the six floors of the building at 10 Via Porro piece by piece. In planning for the demolition, particular attention was given to recovering all reusable materials, furnishings and household appliances left in the houses, as well as dealing with pollutants that may be released into the air during the work and further complicate an already delicate operation.

For this reason, working alongside the excavator and hydraulic grapple is one of our Dedalus vehicles, which was drafted in to eliminate the dangers of asbestos and other harmful dust, by following the excavator and hosing down the rubble with a water cannon mounted on its boom, thereby preventing the spread of harmful substances.

Fortunately, the city administration plans to only partially demolish the other buildings—which will serve as a containment barrier for debris during the subsequent demolition of the crippled bridge—with a view to salvaging them later. Yet another example of the great versatility of Dieci vehicles, which are contributing to the rebirth of one of Italy’s most beautiful cities.