We're the extra mile that makes
all the difference

We have placed our customers front and centre and surrounded them with a global service
network in order to deliver everything they need precisely when it's needed:
qualified technical people, fully equipped workshops, genuine spare parts
and the possibility of signing up for tailored warranty and finance packages.

Our customers can always rely on our company, wherever they may be

In Italy our consultancy, support and assistance services are delivered through a network of authorized dealers and workshops – a structure that is replicated also in other countries, where it is backed up by our affiliates and official importers. The maintenance work is performed by highly qualified technicians who can, whenever necessary, count on the support of our in-house expert designers, to ensure all our customers receive rapid and definitive solutions.

Management of the spare parts service worldwide is organized in such a way as to guarantee the constant presence of the necessary levels of stock to deal with urgent requests, routine maintenance operations on machines, and to supply the network quickly with special parts for extraordinary maintenance needs.



We provide assistance throughout the entire life cycle of the machine. Thanks to the solid experience we have accumulated, we can guarantee advanced technical support to all our customers all over the world through our capillary network of qualified and carefully selected dealers.


The purchase of a machine is a major investment that must be protected through time. To guarantee optimal management of our products, avoiding wastage and inefficiencies, it’s important to use exclusively genuine original parts – a synonym of quality and safety. Our central warehouse, the connective element between the production plant and the logistics department, is the point of reference for all our authorized dealers, who are kept constantly supplied all over the world to ensure we’re always working alongside all our customers.


An unexpected machine breakdown can lead to substantial economic losses that cannot be sustained in today’s increasingly competitive business scenario. To avoid unpredicted declines in productivity it’s essential to implement a correctly planned maintenance programme. Our network of qualified dealers is at the disposal of our customers for all types of preventive or reactive maintenance operations. Also, our authorized workshops use exclusively original DIECI oils, filters and components to ensure the maximum guarantee of durability and reliability while keeping operating costs to the minimum.


DIECI offers a broad range of standard solutions thanks to the experience gained in more than 50 years of operating activities.

And our consultants are at the disposal of all our customers to create extended warranty packages tailored to meet individual requirements. Each solution offered is formulated to meet the customer’s needs and is designed on the basis of multiple parameters, including duration calculated in terms of time or in number of operating hours.


Our finance services are addressed to end customers and are managed directly by our sales network. Our proposals range from the periodic activation of time-limited standard solutions to the creation of tailored finance packages and special rate leasing and operating lease solutions.

Repair and maintenance information

Under Directive 167/2013, Dieci provides information to dealers, authorized repairers and independent operators about the repair and maintenance of Dieci vehicles.

For more information write to info@dieci.com.