Interview with Alan Leoni, IT department

My experience at Dieci is a tangible example of the support offered by the company and its investment in training: I started out configuring production material lists and then went on to handle various tasks related to the SAP system in several highly disparate environments, from sales to logistics, including more strictly manufacturing related environments.

Today, my role is mainly focused on supporting the people who interact more closely with our products and customers: our strategy is to accompany stand shoulder-to-shoulder with users so we can assist them in their daily work, resolving criticalities and responding to their needs by getting the information they need and delivering optimal solutions rapidly.

Our quick reflexes are guaranteed by the extreme flexibility of our organisation, so each member of staff can interact readily with the various stages of the technical and production process. This kind of knowledge, supported by constant technical training, is the surest way of building up an invaluable background of professional experience.

Dieci gave me the opportunity to consolidate and develop a broad range of skills…