20 July 2018


We often hear the Amazon Basin described as the "Green Lung of the World"; a vast biological sanctuary of almost 7 million square kilometres, necessary for maintaining the ecological balance of the entire planet. However, we must not forget South America's other two vitally important river basins, those of the Orinoco and Paraguay/Paranà: they occupy an immense area of more than 3 and a half million square kilometres, and contain one of South America's most intensely cultivated zones.

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20 June 2018

Never too high

Hessen is rightly considered the greenest region of Germany: as much as 42% of its territory, consisting mainly of hills and low mountain ranges, is covered by forests. The region is also home to numerous rivers (the Fulda, the Lahn, the Eder, the Weser, the Rhine and the Main) and many well-tended gardens that surround both historic buildings and private homes.

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18 June 2018

The AGRI MAX: an all-in-one ground crew

"...the pilot immediately turns the plane, ready to take off immediately once refuelled. Our Agri Max, equipped with a special quick-release hopper, approaches the aircraft and uses its extending boom to position the hopper over the special loading hatch, located immediately behind the cockpit. Within a few seconds, one tonne of seed or fertiliser is transferred from the hopper to the plane."

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16 June 2018


“Norway is synonymous with sailors: since the days of the Vikings, the Norwegians have always crossed the seas, and continue to do so in their free time! They undoubtedly benefit from over 21,000 kilometres of jagged coastline, interspersed with countless fjords and characteristic, small rocky islands called skerries”

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23 May 2018

A Hangar for Icarus

The long-standing association between the name “Icarus” and the world of aviation is borne out by these images. At Wonderboom airport, situated to the north of Pretoria (South Africa), an Icarus 40.17 is employed for the delicate job of unloading and assembling aircraft sent for scheduled maintenance.

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18 May 2018

INTERMAT 2018: Light and shadows under the Paris sky.

Like a photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson, this 2018 edition of Intermat, the Paris industrial and construction machinery fair, was dominated by sharp contrasts: although it was celebrated in the "official communiques" as yet another success, this opinion is challenged by the figures (173,000 visitors compared to 183,000 in the 2015 edition) and the general impression of visitors and exhibitors, who describe a fair that is becoming less and less international and increasingly focused on the French, or at least the European, market.

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